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Week of Oct. 9-13

Welcome Back. We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.

This week we will be evaluating the concepts learned during this quarter. We will be doing a variety of counting and language activities with letters A, B, C, D, E, and F. we will also work numbers 0 to 7.

The students will be evaluated on the following areas:
Letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff

Your child should be able to:
·        Identify each letter
·        Produce the letter sound
·        Write the letter
·        Name the vocabulary words that begin with the letter.

·        Name and make sets with the numbers 0-7.
·        Writing numbers 0-7
·        Copy and Make an AB Pattern
·        Shapes
·        Sequencing Numbers 0-7
·        Colors

Fine Motor Skills
·        Tracing lines
·        Cut & Glue
·        Color Inside Lines
·        Pencil Grip
·        Identify, tracing and copying their name

If you would like to review the vocabulary for the letters and Science and Social Studies, click on the link below.

FUNDACION ABRIGO – Is an organization which provides lodging for families from outside Tegucigalpa who bring their families/patients to the largest state medical facility, Hospital Escuela. Discovery School in solidarity with Fundacion Abrigo is asking for a donation of 1 GALON OF DISINFECTANT per family by Tuesday, Oct. 31. Thank you very much! It is always far better to give than to receive!

This week we will be working on a author study which will be about Eric Carle. Eric Carle is an amazing author of the books we will be studying this week. His books are great to encourage creativity, art techniques, life cycles of butterflies and so many more great lessons. The best of it is that he writes in a very fun and friendly way to get children engaged to his stories.

Some of the stories for this week are:

The DPTO is excited to announce that the UN Day celebration is near.  This school tradition is not possible without your help. It is free to participate; your country will be given a cultural table that you can set up as you like. There is a handbook available (attached in the link below) to help you prepare.  If you can’t do it by yourself, let us know: we are here to help.  We have already contacted many of you about your involvement; if you have not heard from us and want to participate, please let us know. 

For questions and comments, write to us at dptowolves@gmail.com   
Thank you and see you there!

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