domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Week of Oct. 2-6

Thank you all for coming in last Friday for the wrap-up of our Independence month. It is wonderful to work with such a dedicated group of parents and students.

This is going to be a short week for us. We will be reviewing some of the concepts learned during the previous weeks. We will be doing a variety of counting and language activities with letters A to F. We will also work and review numbers 0 to 7.

If you would like to review the vocabulary for the letters 
click on the link below.

On Monday, Oct. 2nd, Sofia will be celebrating her birthday during snack time, with cupcakes and juice

On Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, Ariel will celebrate his birthday during snack time with juice, pizza and cake. 
Children only come to school Monday, Oct. 2nd and Tuesday, October 3rd. The rest of the week we have the Government Holidays. Have a great looooooong weekend. Be safe and see you on Monday Oct. 9th

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