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Week of Sept. 18-22

Dear Prek Parents,

·      -Every Tuesday Homework is sent home. Homework should be back to school on Thursday. Please don't forget to send the folder back

·      -On Tuesdays with the homework we will send a bag in which you will have to bring something to school that begins with the letter of the week. This is to help us with our letter of the week manipulative center.

    -Please make sure your child is only bringing toys of the letter of the week or the theme we are studying. We have been receiving daily, children with toys that do not belong to the letter or theme.

On Wednesday, Sept. 13th you received the Progress Reports. Please sign and return. Any questions, comments or doubts we are at your 

We will wrap-up September (Honduras’ Month) with an Early Childhood Honduran assembly. Prek is representing traditional dresses and traditional dances. This will take place at Discovery School campus on September 29th at 8:30am. Children have been practicing this dances and you are invited to this beautiful closure. 

Prek-“A” will be dancing will be dancing Punta (they will have to wear garifuna clothing) and Prek “B” will be dancing “Candu Candu” (they will have to wear the Honduran traditional dress.)

Prek A Outfit:
Resultado de imagen para garifuna punta

Prek B Outfit:
Resultado de imagen para traje tipico honduras niños

Resultado de imagen para traje tipico honduras niños

This week we are going to continue working with the alphabet. We will be working on recognizing the letters with their sound, we will also focus on the letter formation, vocabulary of the letter, remember always emphasizing on the short vowel sounds. We will begin studying about the letter Ee. The vocabulary for this letter is: elephant, envelope, elbow, elf, excavator, egg, excited, empty, eight, exit.

Two children will be assigned each week with each letter. In this case, the children assigned should take at least five (5) items that they have at home that begin with this letter. Items should be at school on Monday and we will send them back on Friday. For this week we have Isabella (Prek”A”) and Ivanna. (Prek”B”).

***Note: On Friday, the assigned students, will have to share for 22 friends eatable things such as enchiladas, elephant shaped cookies, letter Ee cookies, etc. for children to taste. We do this to close our letter unit.

The following link you will find a PowerPoint presentation with the vocabulary, in case you would like to review at home with your child.

We are attaching links of some of Letter Ee videos if you would like to listen and sing at home with your kid:

Some of the stories we will be reading this week are:
Elmer by David McKee is a super colorful book about an elephant named Elmer who is very different from the rest of his herd. Because he’s different, he decides to run away and “paint” himself gray to look like the others. He returns to find that his herd loves him just the way he is. If your kids like Elmer, they will be pleased to see that McKee has written quite a collection of Elmer books.

Elephants Cannot Dance by Mo Willems just ONE of his many Elephant and Piggie books. My preschoolers are addicted to these books. This one features elephant, as he is trying to learn to dance. I love how Mo Willem’s books always have a fun twist at the end!

In math, will be working with numbers. We will work on how to represent and recognize numbers using tally marks, ten frames, name of the number, one-to-one correspondence. We will begin and continue working this week with numbers 0-6.

Our Nursery Rhyme this week is: “One Elephant went out to Play”
We are attaching you the link of the videos of this song we will be learning throughout the week. We will learn two versions of this nursery rhyme. Just a little tip to have fun at home listening and acting out our song.

In our Social Studies unit, we will continue studying about HONDURAS.  The vocabulary words for this unit is the following: flag, escudo de Honduras, orquidia, el pino, map, Venado Cola Blanca, money, Lempira, Guacamaya, mountains, rivers, lakes. 

We wish you a very happy long weekend. Some of you may enjoy your holiday by going on a trip or staying at home. We would like to try an activity. If you have a google account you may have heard or know about google drive. Google drive is where we upload the powerpoint presentations with the vocabulary words. We have opened two new folders. These folders are for you to upload a short video of no more than 5 min. This video will tell us a little bit on how you enjoyed your long weekend, children will come back next week and they will have like a show and tell of their short video. The video can be recorded on your phone and you can upload directly from your phone to the google drive folder. Or you may use any other video camera and upload it from your computer. We are attaching some video tutorials if you need any help.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_tG9pjwaGI  How to upload files to Google drive from an Android phone.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwq7ovJwz8Y  How to upload videos to Google Drive from your iOS.

Prek”A” link to upload videos:

Prek”B” link to upload videos:

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