viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017

Week of Sept. 11-15

Dear Prek Parents,

Thank you so much for celebrating Children’s Day to our kids. They had an amazing time. McDonalds happy meal, toys, cupcakes, juice, jello, candies, Letter D cookies, donuts, Doritos. AWESOME!!! Special thanks to the moms who made this day possible and for each of you for helping them with the money. Thank you for being such supportive and collaborative parents. We really appreciate your commitment.  

Our school is preparing to celebrate Honduras Independence Day that will take place on Wednesday, September 13th.
We will begin the celebrations with a Desayuno Catracho, followed by cultural presentations in each grade. Prekinder is in charge of presenting about the Atlántida. If you happen to have anything related about these gorgeous place, we will focus on Garifunas and the Carnival of La Ceiba (corals, map, souvenirs, carnival masks, etc) please let me know so we can use them for our presentation. Your child does not need to bring in a snack for break or lunch that day. All kids will be dismissed at 11:45am. There will be no school Thursday, September 14th, and Friday, September 15th. Classes resume on Monday, September 18th. Kids should wear clothes as if they were at a carnival or like Garifunas. Here are some ideas:

This two days we will be reviewing letters A-D. We will be focusing on the letter formation and letter sounds. We will be evaluating the letter Dd, Parts of the Body vocabulary and numbers 0-5.

In our Social Studies unit, we will begin talking about HONDURAS.  The vocabulary words for this unit is the following: flag, escudo de Honduras, orquidia, el pino, map, Venado Cola Blanca, money, Lempira, Guacamaya, mountains, rivers, lakes.  

We wish you a very happy long weekend. Some of you may enjoy your holiday by going on a trip or staying at home. We would like to try an activity. If you have a google account you may have heard or know about google drive. Google drive is where we upload the powerpoint presentations with the vocabulary words. We have opened two new folders. These folders are for you to upload a short video of no more than 5 min. This video will tell us a little bit on how you enjoyed your long weekend, children will come back next week and they will have like a show and tell of their short video. The video can be recorded on your phone and you can upload directly from your phone to the google drive folder. Or you may use any other video camera and upload it from your computer. We are attaching some video tutorials if you need any help.  How to upload files to Google drive from an Android phone.  How to upload videos to Google Drive from your iOS.

Prek”A” link to upload videos:

Prek”B” link to upload videos:

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