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Week of Oct. 31- Nov.4

Dear Prek Parents,
  • Every Tuesday Homework is send home. Homework should be back to school on Thursday. Please don’t forget to send the folder back
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays children have Motricity class. We are requesting that please send your child with tennis shoes and with shorts or pants. No skirts and no sandals. This is so that your child can be able to participate in every activity done during the class.

Dress Up / Costume Day is here!!!! This Monday, October 31st is our celebration. On this day students will come to school dressed up as their favorite book or movie character.
We will also be trick or treating around school. Please send in one bag of candies, lollipops, chocolates or any small treats or toys. We are also requesting Lps. 50.00 for the treat bag. If you haven’t send any of these, please send them by Monday, Oct. 31st first thing in the morning.
Thank you for your support.

Thank you Mizuki and Catalina parents. children learned so much about these two cultures. We had a blast!!!! The significant learning is so productive due to your amazing support. Thank you for your support parents. we are an amazing group and our kids are loving it!!

This week we will continue learning about our abc. We will be working on recognizing the letters with their sound, letter formation, vocabulary of the letter, remember always emphasizing on the short vowel sounds. This week we will be studying about the letter Ii. The vocabulary for this letter is: igloo, iguana, itch, internet, in, ink, Indian, instruments, insects, invitations, injury, and imagination.  

Children assigned should take five (5) items that they have at home that begin with this letter. Items should be at school on Monday and we will send them back on Friday. For this week we have Piper (Prek”A”) and Korbin (Prek”B”).

Note 1: If you would like to share eatable things such as iguana shaped cookies, ice cubes to build an igloo, etc. for children to taste. It would be awesome if instead of Monday you send it on Friday so that we close up our letter unit.

Note 2: There will always be one student of each section that will be assigned with the letter of the week but, there is a new homework. Every Tuesday some of you will receive a Ziploc bag and you will have to send one thing that fits in the bag that begins with the letter of the week.
Thank you for your support!!

The following link you will find a PowerPoint presentation with the vocabulary, in case you would like to review at home with your child.

Some of the stories we will be reading this week are:
Mañana Iguana by Ann Whitford Paul is such a fun spin on The Little Red Hen. !Caramba! Iguana is planning a fiesta. Tortuga the tortoise, Conejo the rabbit, and Culebra the snake all want to come. But do they want to help Iguana deliver invitations or stuff the pinata or cook the food? No, no, and no! A lazy trio loses out in this clever update of the story of the Little Red Hen with a Mexican twist. A glossary of Spanish words is included.

Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni Meet a winning, winsome inchworm, proud of his ability to measure anything under the sun, from a robin's tail to a toucan's beak. When a hungry nightingale threatens to eat him for breakfast unless he can measure her song, the inchworm calls on his craft and skill to creatively solve the dilemma.

In math, will be working with numbers. We will work on how to represent and recognize numbers using tally marks, ten frames, number formation, name of the number, one-to-one correspondence. We will begin working this week with numbers 0-10.
Our Nursery Rhyme this week is: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
We are attaching you the link of the videos of this song we will be learning throughout the week. We will learn two versions of this nursery rhyme. Just a little tip to have fun at home listening and acting out our song.
In Science we will begin a unit about Food. We are going to be discussing healthy and unhealthy snacks. Children will get the chance to name food that is eaten during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thy will also be able to name and identify the differences between a fruit and a vegetable. Some of the vocabulary words we will be focusing are: fruit, vegetables, sweets, meat, milk,  If you have any books or posters, or any other material that you would like to share with us it would be greatly appreciated.
In our Science unit we will be making a science experiment. Children will be learning steps of the scientific method by making a project at school. We will need the following materials that need to be at school on Tuesday, November 1st
1 small box of milk
1 bottle of food coloring
1 small dropper (like the ones you use for medicines)
4 Q-tips
1 small bag of liquid dish soap
1 magazine
Thank you for your support.

BAKE SALE – The Seniors will have a bake sale on Monday, October 31 in order to raise funds for their community service.

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