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November 12-16,2018

Dear Prek Parents,

Early Childhood is offering a vision and dental screening for your child. The vision testing will be done by optometrists from Optica Centro Clínico and the dental examination by Dental CPO (Central de Profilaxis Odontológico). This service is free of cost and will take place Thursday, November 15 and Friday November 16, 2018. 

It is always the season to open our hearts and share with those around us that need it most. It has been a tradition at Discovery School for students to come together and contribute in assembling baskets of goods for our support personnel.  We are asking for your contribution of 150 lempiras  to be sent before Friday , November 16.Please place your contribution in a sealed envelope with your family name and send it to school . Your cooperation will be deeply appreciated.

  Please send a shoebox lid by Wednesday 14, 2018

 Reminders :

-This coming Friday, Nov. 16th is Early Dismissal 11:45am for ALL STUDENTS.

-Every Tuesday Homework is send home. Homework should be back to school on Thursday. Please don’t forget to send the folder back

-Please make sure your child is only bringing toys of the letter of the week we are studying. We have been receiving children with toys that do not belong to the letter.

This week we will continue learning about our abc. We will be working on recognizing the letters with their sound, letter formation, vocabulary of the letter, remember always emphasizing on the short vowel sounds. This week we will be studying about the letter Kk. The vocabulary for this letter is: koala, kangaroo, king, key, kiwi, kite, kiss, kids, kitchen, kitten, karate, kettle. 

One child will be assigned each week with each letter. In this case, the child assigned should take at least five (5) items that they have at home that begin with this letter. Items should be at school on Monday and we will send them back on Friday. For this week we have Laya Mogollon. 

***Note: On Friday, the assigned students, will have to share for 17 friends eatable things such as kit-kat chocolate, kiwi, fruit kabob, , letter Kk cookies, etc. for children to taste. We do this to close our letter unit. Thank you for your support!!

The following link you will find a PowerPoint presentation with the vocabulary, in case you would like to review at home with your child.

We are attaching links of some of Letter Kk videos if you would like to listen and sing at home with your kid:

We would like your support on occasionally review the ABC’s letter names and sound. Here are some songs we use in class every day.

Some of the stories we will be reading this week are:
Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth, loves to spend time with his animal friends, and his work in the park keeps him very busy. Wherever Percy is, his animal friends are never far away. The animals often need Percy's help, and he is always there to lend a hand. Read about what happened when a chilly fox needed warming up, or when a dirty badger was offered a bath. Find out how Percy helped an unhappy hedgehog hold a balloon, or a squirrel find her lost acorns. And laugh along as the animals take charge when Percy isn't feeling well—with very surprising results! A treasure trove of endearing tales.

A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn is the abbreviated version of A Kissing Hand. While older kids may enjoy the longer version, younger ones may like to listen to the shorter version. This is perfect for kids who are anxious about leaving their parents. It reminds them that a parents’ love for their child will be there, even if they aren’t together.

In math, will be working with numbers. We will work on how to represent and recognize numbers using tally marks, ten frames, number formation, name of the number, one-to-one correspondence. We will begin working this week with numbers 0-10.

We would like your support on occasionally review counting and numbers. Here are some songs we use in class every day:

Our Nursery Rhyme this week is: “This Old Man
We are attaching you the link of the videos of this song we will be learning throughout the week. We will learn two versions of this nursery rhyme. Just a little tip to have fun at home listening and acting out our song.

In Science we will begin a unit about FOOD. We are going to be discussing healthy and unhealthy snacks. Children will get the chance to name food that is eaten during the breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will also be able to name and identify the differences between a fruit and a vegetable. Some of the vocabulary words we will be focusing are: fruit, vegetables, sweets, meat, milk, healthy and unhealthy foods.  If you have any books or posters, or any other material that you would like to share with us it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your support.

Progress will be sent home on Friday,November 16. Please go over , sign and return them on Monday, November 19th. 


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