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August 27-31, 2018

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Dear Prek Parents,
      We hope you had an AMAZING weekend!!  

  • ·       Every Tuesday Homework is sent home. Homework and folder should be back to school on Thursday. Remember we send papers and evaluations on Friday.
  • ·        Please make sure your child is only bringing toys related to the letter of the week or the theme we are studying. We have been receiving , children with toys that do not belong to the letter or theme.

Resultado de imagen para letter cThis week we are going to continue working with the alphabet. We will be working on recognizing the letters with their sound, we will also focus on the letter formation, vocabulary of the letter, remember always emphasizing on the short vowel sounds. We will begin studying about the letter Cc. The vocabulary for this letter is: car, cat, carrot, crown, clown, crab, coat, cap, cookie, cow, cake, candies.

The following link you will find a PowerPoint presentation with the vocabulary, in case you would like to review at home with your child.

We are attaching links of some of Letter Cc videos if you would like to listen and sing at home with your kid:

We would like your support on occasionally review the ABC’s letter names and sound. Here are some songs we use in class every day.

One child will be assigned each week with each letter. In this case, the child assigned should take at least five (5) items that they have at home that begin with this letter. Items should be at school on Monday and we will send them back on Friday. For this week we have Camila Sofia Marmol

***Note: On Friday, the assigned student, will have to share for 17 friends eatable things such as carrot sticks, carrot cake, corn, candies, caramel, cookies, cake, cucumber, crepes, corndogs, cotton candy, etc. for children to taste. We do this to close our letter unit.

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We are requesting that each child brings one bag of skittles to school on Thursday. We will be making an activity where we need to sort by color.

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Some of the stories we will be reading this week are:

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, by Laura Numeroff
This is another title in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. While this one feels a bit more contrived than others in the series, the pictures and story are still irresistible.  If you give a cat a cupcake, he’s going to want sprinkles to go with it… and on the story goes.

The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss
Resultado de imagen para the carrot seed bookThis is an extremely simple story that has been popular for generations.  A little boy plants a carrot seed, but everyone else is quite sure a plant won’t come up. They get quite a surprise at the end of the story
In math, will be working with numbers. We will work on how to write numbers correctly. We will continue working this week with numbers 0-5.

Resultado de imagen para alice the camelOur Nursery Rhyme this week is: “Alice the Camel”
We are attaching you the link of the videos of this song we will be learning throughout the week. We will learn two versions of this nursery rhyme. Just a little tip to have fun at home listening and acting out our song.

In our first Science unit we will be learning about PARTS OF THE BODY. We will begin with this unit this week. Some of the vocabulary words we will be learning this week are: head, mouth, eyes, ears, nose, toes, fingers, arm, elbow, and hands. If you have any poster or any other material that you are willing to share with the class, we would appreciate if you will let us borrow them from you.

Resultado de imagen para homework clipartWe will be sending homework from Tuesday-Thursday.  Please make sure the notebook is sent back to school on Thursday. Make sure that your child has time to play after school and on weekends. Now that your child is beginning to spend more time in a structured school environment, you should allow more free time at home for play. Specially for the Full-Day program. Prek homework includes playtime always!

Resultado de imagen para routines homework clipartPlease remember to check your child’s folder and send it back to school the next day, you may stay with the notebook for the homework but please send the folder back to school every day. We are working on this special routine with the students. Remember that this is the best way for you to communicate with us.

Supply list: If you still haven't brought all the materials yet, I'll be very much thankful if could send the rest or everything this coming week.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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Friday,August 31.Early Dismissal (12:00am)for ALL STUDENTS



JOIN US! Our committee has EVERYTHING ready for Discovery School’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Friday, August 31, 2018. 

Paraphernalia- Water bottles, beach balls, pens, bags and mugs are still available for purchase. Please stop by Ms. Elisa’s desk in the accounting office and she will gladly assist you! They will also be available on the day of the event.

ALL INCLUSIVE BRACELETS - We are selling the celebration’s bracelets that will allow each student to have unlimited snacks and drinks, as well as access to all activities during the event. These can be purchased for the following fees:

If you purchased a commemorative school shirt, the bracelets are $6 or L.150.
If you did NOT purchase a commemorative school shirt, they are $10 or L. 250.
We will have a few shirts available the day of the Celebration, you will be able to order shirts buy they will arrive a week after the Celebration. The shirt-bracelet combo will still be available for L. 450.

We will begin receiving this fee on Monday, August 27, and distribute the bracelets on the day of the event.

See you then!!!

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