viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

Week of May 22-26

Dear Prek Parents,
This coming Wednesday, May 24th, Prek will be going to Animatronics at Chiminike. We will send a note on Monday, May 22nd. We are requesting Lps. 150, for the bus and the entrance to the dinosaur museum. Please send the money and the permission slip by Tuesday, May 23rd.

You need to dress your kid with jeans, tennis shoes and white polo shirt.


  • Language Arts:
    • Children should be able to
      • Name letters from A to Z
      • Reproduce the sound of each letter
      • Name 1 vocabulary word for each letter
      • Write capital letters A to Z correctly
      • Match capital and lowercase letters
  • Math:
    • Children should be able to
      • Name and identify numbers from 0 to 15
      • Write numbers in order from 0 to 15
      • Count and make groups of objects from 0 to 15
      • Measure objects with clips or unifix cubes
      • Graph
  • Skills:
    • Write their first name properly
    • Use school supplies correctly
    • Follow commands

SPORTS DAY FRIDAY, MAY 26 - Next Friday, Nursery to 8th grade will
participate in a fun sports morning. Please send your child with:
  • BLUE shirt (mandatory)
  • Shorts
  • Cap
  • Sun Screen
  • Water Bottle
  • Bug Repellent

****We have talked to the students that we have started the hot season in Honduras. Please provide your child with a water bottle every day. Have them wear light clothes; they can bring a hat to protect from the sun, put sunscreen on their face and arms.****

Pilar will be celebrating her birthday on Tuesday, May 23rd. She will be sharing Pizza, cake and juice, so please do not send snack, only Lunch for the afternoon students.


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