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Week of Aug. 29 - Sept. 2

Dear Prek Parents,
This week we will continue learning about our abc. We will be working on recognizing the letters with their sound, letter formation, vocabulary of the letter, remember always emphasizing on the short vowel sounds. This week we will be  studying about the letter Cc. The vocabulary for this letter is: car, cat, carrot, crown, clown, crab, coat, cap, cookie, cow, cake, candies.
Children assigned should take from three (3) to five (5) items that they have at home that begin with this letter. Items should be at school on Monday and we will send them back on Friday. For this week we have Diego V. (Prek”A”) and Catalina P. (Prek”B”).
Note: If you would like to share eatable things such as carrot cake, corn, candies, etc. for children to taste. It would be awesome if instead of Monday you send it on Friday so that we close up our letter unit.

We are requesting that each child brings one bag of skittles to school on Thursday. 

Thank you for your support!!

The following link you will find a PowerPoint presentation with the vocabulary, in case you would like to review at home with your child.

Some of the stories we will be reading this week are:
If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, by Laura Numeroff
This is another title in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series. While this one feels a bit more contrived than others in the series, the pictures and story are still irresistible.  If you give a cat a cupcake, he’s going to want sprinkles to go with it… and on the story goes.

The Carrot Seed, byRuth Krauss
This is an extremely simple story that has been popular for generations.  A little boy plants a carrot seed, but everyone else is quite sure a plant won’t come up. They get quite a surprise at the end of the story

In math, will be working with numbers. We will work on how to represent and recognize numbers using tally marks, ten frames, name of the number, one-to-one correspondence. We will continue working this week with numbers 0-5.

Our Nursery Rhyme this week is: “Alice the Camel”
We are attaching you the link of the videos of this song we will be learning throughout the week. We will learn two versions of this nursery rhyme. Just a little tip to have fun at home listening and acting out our song.

In our Social Studies unit we will continue talking about MY FAMILY. Some of the vocabulary words we will are learning in this unit are: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, baby, uncle, aunt,

On Friday, September 2nd we will have a “Show&Tell About My Family” for this little project we need your help. Children will have to bring a poster with family pictures and they should be able to describe their family members and talk about it in front of their classmates. You may practice at home. Be as creative as possible. This will be presented during working stations. Thank you for your support. Any questions be free to contact us.


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