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September 24-28,2018

 We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

This week we will be evaluating the concepts learned during this quarter. We will be doing a variety of counting , science and language activities . 

The students will be evaluated on the following areas:
Letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, 

Your child should be able to:
·       Name   each letter
·        Produce the letter sound
·        Write the letter
·        Name the vocabulary words that begin with the letter.
     Match Capital letters to Lower case letters

·        Name and make sets with the numbers 0-6
·        Writing numbers 0-6
·         Make an AB Pattern
·        Shapes
·        Sequencing Numbers 0-6
·        Colors

Fine Motor Skills
·        Tracing lines
·        Cut & Glue
·        Color Inside Lines
·        Pencil Grip
·        Identify, tracing and copying their name

If you would like to review the vocabulary for the letters and Science and Social Studies, click on the link below.

Science/Social Studies Powerpoints:

This week we will be working on a author study which will be about Eric Carle. Eric Carle is an amazing author of the books we will be studying this week. His books are great to encourage creativity, art techniques, life cycles of butterflies and so many more great lessons. The best of it is that he writes in a very fun and friendly way to get children engaged to his stories.

Some of the stories for this week are:

Experimenting with the 5 senses is fun for everyone !! So we will  continue with fun activities that require students to make observations with their eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. 

                                Important Dates 

                                                         Friday , September 28
                Professional Development Day 
                Early Dismissal  

                October 1-5                                                                                                          Semana Morazanica Holiday 

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